Sunday, March 11, 2007

Let the Madness Begin

I love March.

I'm hoping this year's tournament ends like 2005's:

In case you're only familiar with the Luther Vandross version of One Shining Moment that CBS has been using in recent years, the version in this video is the song's writer and original artist, David Barrett. (Check out or, where I just found out that he's a fan of C.S. Lewis and wrote the music for the PBS special "The Magic Never Ends: The Life & Works Of C.S. Lewis.") I can't hardly listen to this song without getting goose bumps.

Here's the first One Shining Moment montage, after Indiana's 1987 championship (I enjoyed seeing Kevin Gamble in here):

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Anonymous said...

So...let me see if I've got this straight. Do you like basketball? Who will you be rooting for? It's not the style of shorts the guys wore in 1987 that gave you goose bumps? Just making sure...J in the UK