Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Go Away!

I love hearing celebrities criticize the country that's allowed them to become celebrities. The latest is actor James Cromwell, who currently plays Jack Bauer's dad on "24."
"I can't handle living in the United States of America when I know the last two elections were rigged, and that we were denied our right to vote, where we live in a country where 32 percent of the people vote and even those people's votes don't count, and the people who should really have a stake, kids, don't have any say at all – people of color, very little to say, unions, practically nothing any more … we're losing our jobs. …"
I can't believe there's nothing in there about the government planning and executing 9/11.

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Anonymous said...

It's not that difficult, idiot. If you can't take living in America...DON'T LIVE THERE!!!! We'd be thrilled to have you far away, never to be heard from again. Yeah, okay, maybe a little harsh. But come on...my husband puts his life on the line so this nitwit has the freedom to say this garbage. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Guess who???