Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hate Is A Strong Word

The Sports Guy responds to some feedback from his rant about Coach K, which he ended by stating that he hates Duke:
The Duke grads are riled up because I wrote that I hated Duke. You're right, bad choice of words -- I should have written "disliked," "loathed" or even "abhorred." "Hate" is a strong word. Anyway, I feel like everyone has to pick sides in the UNC-Duke thing (much like with sodas, fast food, coffee and TVs as mentioned above), and I'm partial to UNC because I have multiple friends who went there and they've all brainwashed me to root against Duke. Which I do. Also, I think Coach K is a sniveling ninny. So I guess there's that. I don't feel like a true basketball fan should be allowed to remain neutral on this -- either you're against Duke or you're against UNC. It's one or the other.


Anonymous said...

I guess I root for NC on this one, mainly because of my brother's loyalty to them over the years. And even though I'm not a die-hard college basketball fan, I do understand that base principle - you either like Duke or NC - it's as simple as that. Not both. However what I really want to say in response to this post is: How often do you get to read the words "sniveling ninny?" That was'll last me awhile, I think. Hilarious. Thanks, Sports Guy! :-) ~J in the UK

Jeremy said...

Duke sucks, I hate em.