Monday, March 05, 2007

Hansbrough Video

For those of you who haven't seen the play, here's how it played out on CBS. Listen to as little or as much of Billy Packer as you can handle:

Here's an interesting angle. Pretty shaky camera work, but it sure doesn't look like Henderson's making a "basketball play:"

And one more for good measure, from CNN Headline News:


Noah Braymen said...

Give me a break! That commentator doesn't know squat! Those players know where most other players are on the floor at almost all times. To be in the middle of 4 guys and swing that hard following through with the elbow shows some intent at the most...and absolute recklessness at the least. He totally deserved that my opinion.

Thanks for posting the video...I hadn't seen it!

Jeremy said...

Josh, I'm still quite disappointed another UNC player didn't react a little more aggresively. I guess they get used to Tyler getting pounded on.

jwd said...

I'll admit I was surprised that the only other player to make any move was Dewey Burke - to restrain Hansbrough. Unless of course you count Henderson and Scheyer running towards their bench.