Saturday, March 24, 2007

Elite 8

We're in the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament, and we're getting some good games, but still too many that are marred by poor officiating. Georgetown beat Vanderbilt last night when Jeff Green got away with a travel before making the game-winning shot with 2.5 seconds left. In today's Ohio State vs. Memphis game, Greg Oden was intentionally fouled and the official must have though Oden was already in the NBA, because he granted him a ridiculous continuation, giving Ohio State 2 points, 2 free throws, and possession.

(photo by Eric Gay/AP Photo, found on

Evidently this doesn't qualify as "Hanging on the ring" under Rule 4, Section 26, Article 3, example c in the NCAA Basketball Rulebook, which defines technical fouls. Oden about kicked the backboard on this dunk.

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