Thursday, May 31, 2007

Talking to Children About Race

Thabiti Anyabwile has a post on Talking to Children about Race, and makes the following four points:
  1. Talk with your children about ethnicity (the nations) rather than "race."
  2. Talk about ethnicity in a way that magnifies the power and wisdom of God.
  3. Talk about the need of all men for the Savior.
  4. Talk about the gospel and the church as the plan of God to demonstrate unity across such diversity and to display His wisdom.
(HT: Justin Taylor)

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Anonymous said...

Those are great points. I haven't checked out the link yet, but just those four are good. It's been neat for us to be able to do that a lot more here, when just in our church, there are members from probably at least 15 nations from around Europe, Asia and Africa. Very cool to see the body of Christ from other ethnic backgrounds represented, and it brings faces, personalities and relationships to the conversations when we discuss it with our kids. We do have differences, but we are all ONE! ~J in the UK