Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Johnny Hart

Last Friday night I was at a friend's house, looking at some comics in World magazine. It was then that I saw the news that the creator of one of my favorite comic strips had died. Johnny Hart, who created B.C. (and co-created the Wizard of Id) died from a stroke while at his storyboard on April 7. My first thought was back to a comic that another friend had sent me last year:

In browsing the last 30 days of B.C. comics (after Peanuts creator Charles Schulz died, Hart insisted that B.C. be carried on after his death), I found a few good ones, including one on Palm Sunday:

And this one on Easter, the day after he went to meet His Savior:

I also enjoyed these:

And finally, here's a strip that ran on Easter in 2001, drawing protests from some Jewish groups that led to some newspapers dropping the strip altogether. "Critics said it implied that Christianity supersedes Judaism."

(Click on the comics to see a larger version.)

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Leland said...

"Critics said it implied that Christianity supersedes Judaism."

Funny, I thought that was the point of Paul's epistle to the Hebrews. :) Mr. Hart did a WONDERFUL job of illustrating the idea.