Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Attitude 2007

From Justin Taylor:
The New Attitude audio messages are all now available for free download (free registration required):
They write:
For the first time ever, we're offering all audio messages from this conference as free MP3 downloads. You can download them one by one or choose the download set of all eight messages. (In order to view these free downloads, you'll need to log in to our online store or follow the easy instructions to create an account.) In addition, an MP3 CD containing all conference sessions will be available for $12.00 next week.

Although the conference is over, the conversation on humble orthodoxy continues. Visit for blog posts, free downloads, and other resources to help you apply the truth of God's Word to your life.
God has used Piper & Mahaney to teach me a lot in the past 7 or 8 years, and I'm looking forward to listening to each of these messages.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome - thanks for sharing this, Josh! I can't wait to hear them. I learn a lot from these guys, too. And I learn a lot from you. Love you, bro. ~Jod