Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Creation Museum

Private Pigg at has a good post about the protests of the newly opened Creation Museum:


A museum that tells the Bible’s version of Earth’s history — that the planet was created in a single week just a few thousand years ago — attracted thousands to its opening as protesters rallied outside. The dozens of demonstrators argued Monday that the Creation Museum’s central tenets conflict with scientific evidence that the Earth is several billion years old. Overhead, an airplane pulled a banner with the message: “Thou Shalt Not Lie.”

Get a life. Why protest because somebody chooses to believe something different than you? They could open up a “socialism museum” in Berkeley and I wouldn’t be there. Wouldn’t waste my time. Does socialism “conflict” with historical evidence? Has it been proven worthless? Yes and yes. I still wouldn’t show up. If someone wants to believe it then so be it. Now, when it becomes a question of implimenting socialism, I’ll be out voting against it. But I won’t be protesting the opening of a museum. Museusm are for relics anyway, aren’t they?

I'm sure ISU's Dr. Avalos will be a frequent visitor.

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