Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hot Dogs & Dynamite

Here's a couple of classic funny videos just for the heck of it:

Update: Here's some background on the second video, along with the phrase "Boom goes the dynamite." No word on how he came up with "passes it to the man."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the first clip. I hadn't seen it forever, and just cracked up! As for the 2nd one...what is that? It was certainly some of the most painful 3 minutes and 54 seconds of my life. ;-) Did he actually say, "throws it to the man?" Hilarious. I'm hoping this was a school project gone seriously awry? You should post your video from high school! ~J in the UK

jwd said...

There's no way I'm inflicting the small, isolated audience of this blog with high school video. Unless it's of 42nd Street or Damn Yankees.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, come on. Your high school video rocks! Damn Yankees...yeah, you could post that, too. ;-)