Friday, October 27, 2006

Marketing Genius

Jim Gaffigan is probably my favorite stand-up comedian right now. I've heard him on a couple different radio shows recently, and seen him on Comedy Central a couple of times. Here's one of his classic routines, about Hot Pockets:

For more of Jim Gaffigan, check out his website, or YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

So the day after I watch this video, I went to see my husband at work. Now I hardly ever go to his office, but we were standing in a common area where they sometimes go to eat. I looked into the trash can beside me, and what do I see on top???? You guessed it - two empty boxes - HOT POCKETS!!! I start laughing and just want to sing it..."Hot pocket!" We watched the clip together that night and just died laughing. I can't decide if "flush pocket," "diarrhea pocket," or "dead pocket" is my favorite! Too funny. ~J in the UK