Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Makin' It Better

The Sports Guy shares his list of 33 ways to make sports better for everyone, including:
5) The Knicks extend Isiah's deal through 2015 by explaining, "This had nothing to do with winning or losing. We had to do it for comedy's sake."

6) Julio Franco isn't allowed to retire. He has to keep playing until we all agree he can stop. Let's see how far this can go.

8) Sideline reporters -- gone. We survived the World Cup without them, right?

11) We all agree that A) there will never be another MJ, and B) we're not allowed to compare anyone to him.

18) In the NBA, you can't call a timeout immediately after another timeout, you can't call time in midair and you can't call time trailing by more than six with less than 20 seconds to play.

22) Whenever there's a replay challenge or serious injury in the NFL, they have to immediately go to a commercial, bang out as many ads as possible, then come back and tell us what happened. We could wipe out 10 minutes of TV timeouts per game.

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