Friday, August 18, 2006

A Legitimate Role Model

I've grown tired of the myriad of stories involving the moral ineptitude of professional athletes lately. I don't want to focus on recent stories about Maurice Clarett, Ron Artest, Koren Robinson, or Lonny Baxter.

So here's a good story for you, brought to my attention today by Tim Ellsworth. This story details the faith of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trent Dilfer. Consider the quotes Dilfer had in relation to the following:

On the loss of 5-year-old son Trevin in 2003, who died after battling a heart ailment:
"God has become so much bigger through these times. His grace has abounded beyond anything I ever thought I could experience. ... I've never stopped to ask why. We just ask what He wants us to learn from this and how He wants to use this. He has been faithful times a million."

On quarterbacking the Baltimore Ravens to their win in Super Bowl XXXV:
"Winning the Super Bowl was great and it was fun and I enjoyed every moment of it, but it's a small moment in time compared to the gift of eternal life and what we have in Christ," said Dilfer, who saw countless teammates left unfulfilled in the wake of Super Bowl success. "Nothing fills the void except Christ. People hear that all the time, but it's true."

On being a journeyman, backup quarterback, even since winning the Super Bowl:
"I have really struggled with pride throughout my life, and if football would have come easy for me I would not have followed Him and trusted Him the way I needed to. And He, by His love, has allowed me to go through some hard times so I would be dependent on Him completely."

Sports, ... no, not sports, the world, needs more people like Trent Dilfer.

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