Thursday, July 13, 2006


I came across a link to one of Rob Bell's Nooma videos. Check out "Bullhorn Guy." I'd be interested in any comments you have after watching it. I'll post my thoughts later.

(HT: Vitamin Z)


Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord that He is sovereign!!

Do you think that if I make a cheesy video making Rob Bell look like a fool and plead on behalf of "all of us" that he will stop preaching at us about love by judging others who are trying to bring people to Christ a different way? Is that how you love God, Rob?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was thinking what JAD said. Well, not the part about making a cheesy video, but.... I just kept thinking this guy was pretty arrogant to be the one to decide how everyone should witness, what is the proper way, what is effective for every unsaved ear to hear the Truth. Yes, I want to (and think we should) love others and be gracious to them! But I also want to be grieved for those who may be going to hell...enough to say something, rather than just give them food and listen to their dreams. There is not always time to build a long-term relationship with another person which in the long run will turn into telling them the Truth of the Gospel! But maybe he's not saying you do that, even? Just love them, feed them, listen to them, and that's enough? I wonder what Jesus thought when Rob said that he (Jesus) was sick of the bullhorn guy. I, myself, while maybe not the kind of person who would have responded to that style, am just humbled by the fact that he has enough guts to go out there and speak for Christ. That's more than I am doing! And as a side note...if no one is taking the fliers, why was he printing more at the beginning of the film? ~J in the UK

Anonymous said...

God uses who He wants to use how He wants to use them. I kind of feel bad about judging how Rob does things because he is surely reaching people because God wants it that way. It's funny how we(I) as Christians criticize someone who speaks up for Christ and say that it isn't the right way to go about it. Well, I must not know what the right way is because I surely don't do much of it. Thankfully God is sovereign and He uses us as He sees fit, even bullhorn guy and Rob Bell, to His Glory.
JAD in Waukee, IA, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

have a look at this video.

God bless.