Saturday, September 06, 2008

Palin as VP?

In the past week I've been asking myself some questions about Sarah Palin being picked as the Republican VP candidate. I've been going back and forth and around in circles in my mind, trying to straighten things out as I prepare to vote. And most of the time as I've been asking myself these questions, I've known that there's almost no chance that the answers will actually affect my vote.

Anyway, I appreciated reading Douglas Wilson's post attempting to ask and answer (or at least try to think about biblically) three issues raised by evangelical Christians in response to Palin's nomination:

The first is the propriety of voting for a Republican. A large number of us (myself included) have been let down so many times by these people that anything, no matter how good it looks, feels to us like Lucy setting up the football for Charlie Brown one more time. Just one more time. Please?

The second issue is the propriety of voting for a woman to hold civil office, exercising authority over men in that realm. Some argue from the clear biblical teaching on male headship in the family and the equally clear biblical teaching on the requirement for male leadership in the Church, and say that we can extend this restriction into the civil realm. And I believe that we could do this, were it not for the clear scriptural counterexample.

And last, we have the concerns that revolve around the age of Sarah Palin's children. The idea is that there is no way for her to fulfill her obligations to her family, which are fixed by God, and also fulfill the obligations she would have as vice-president.

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