Thursday, September 11, 2008


Before you watch this clip, I feel the need to explain myself a bit. I know I've been particularly critical of Obama & Biden lately, and have been approving of Sarah Palin. For the record, I generally do not consider myself a Republican - I was registered as an independent until this year's caucus, and have yet to change my registration back to independent. Of the four presidential/VP candidates, I would/will not vote for Obama, Biden, or McCain. I would consider voting for Palin for president, but a VP is not enough to make me vote for a ticket. Anyway, on to the clip: this is Congressman Steve Cohen, a Democrat representing the ninth district of Tennessee, speaking on the floor of Congress:

This really is meaningless as to who a person should vote for (except for when Cohen's term is up), but just shows the idiocy of a politician.

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