Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hollywood Tax Break in Iowa

Good post here at Iowa Voice regarding the Iowa state legislature giving tax breaks to movie makers who shoot their movies in the state. The first three points of response to this are terrific:

First of all, you couldn’t begin to discuss tax breaks for average Iowans with this legislature, but they are more than willing to hand them out to Hollywooders, who happen to be the richest people on planet Earth (and that’s not an exaggeration).

Second of all, Field of Dreams was made in 1989, and the Bridges of Madison County was made in 1995. Now we are trying to build on their success? Isn’t that sort of like Philadelphia just now deciding, “Hey, maybe we can build off this Rocky thing”?

Third of all, the economic impact of bringing in two movies every 20 years is negligible compared to what you could do by cutting taxes for the folks who actually live in Dyersville, for example.

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