Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Reason #1,500,943 Why I Hate Politics

From Charles Gibson's interview of Hillary Clinton:
Gibson: Would you take a pledge to sign a bill that would not raise taxes?

Clinton: I'm not going to take any pledges on any issues because I want to be in a position to bring people together and figure out the best ideas to solve our problems and not get locked into this partisan ideological debate that's been so sterile so many years.


Gibson: Is Barack Obama qualified to be president?

Clinton: Well, he's a terrific guy and we're going to have a great group of talented competitors in this contest and I'm looking forward for everybody putting out their qualifications and let the voters decide.

Gibson: That's something of a dodge. In your mind is he qualified to be president?

Clinton: You know Charlie, this is such an intensely personal decision that voters make.

We're all going to get out there, we're going to say what we believe in, put our experience out there before the voters and that is what is so great about our system, all of the people watching you tonight are going to make that decision — about me and everybody.

Seriously, Hillary. Answer a freaking question or get off my TV. (Okay, so she wasn't really on my TV - I actually heard this on the radio today.) I understand if you don't want to pledge to not sign a bill that would raise taxes. But just say so. To respond the way that you did just reinforces why so many people are afraid of you - you don't stand for anything! And I'm pretty sure Gibson wasn't asking who was going to win the Democratic nomination, just whether you thought Obama was qualified for the job. And you don't have an answer? No, "Of course he's qualified," or "I don't know," or "Of course not, he's more of a crazy liberal than I am!"?

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