Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's Just A Game

For when you're tired of sportswriters (& announcers) taking themselves too seriously, here is a funny article written by DJ Gallo on One of my favorite parts:
Outside the facility where Barbaro had surgery yesterday, well-wishers posted signs with sentiments such as: "Thank you, Barbaro," "We Love You Barbaro," "Good Luck, Barbaro" and "Believe in Barbaro." And if Barbaro hadn't been heavily sedated, I'm sure he would have posted a note of his own after surgery: "Thanks so much for the kind words. But I'm a [bleeping] horse, so I can't read, you stupid, stupid morons."
Gallo also writes for Here are some thoughts to ponder. A couple of my favorite:
Interleague baseball is 10 years old and the media still wastes time every year debating its merits. Yes, yes – no one wants to watch an interleague series with the Royals, Marlins or Devil Rays in it. We get it. The thing is, no one wants to watch the Royals, Marlins or Devil Rays play anyone in their own league, so that’s not a really a valid argument. So shut up about it.

I’ve made light of Pat Summitt’s accomplishments in the past, but I do think she is very deserving of the new contract she signed on Monday which makes her the first women’s basketball coach to ever earn more than $1 million a season. I know I couldn’t watch women’s basketball non-stop for six months out of every year for a million bucks. Seriously. It kills your soul. And willingly putting up with that is worth seven figures in my book. She is an amazing woman.

And finally, a quote from SportsPickle:
“I think all we really need for next year is another good all-around player. You know, a go-to shooter-slasher type. Someone like my son, Mike Dunleavy, Jr. Oh, man … I almost got that out with a straight face. I was close, I was close. No, it’s okay. He knows he sucks. We joke about it all the time.”
Mike Dunleavy, Los Angeles Clippers head coach,
after his team was eliminated in Game 7 by the Suns

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