Friday, May 19, 2006

Grace Like Rain

Last week my wife & I went to a Todd Agnew concert at our church. What a great time of worship it turned out to be. The music was tremendous, but I even enjoyed what Todd had to say in between songs. I haven't been to very many concerts where a singer's speaking in between songs actually added as much to the concert as I thought Todd did. Two of his illustrations really stuck with me:

He spoke of not having a desire to be famous, and how God seemed to tell him, "You're not a star." "Well, good, because I don't want to be famous anyway," Todd thought. But then it came to him again, "No, I mean you're not a star like the stars in the sky." "Okay, whatever - didn't have much thought of being one of them, either." Then Todd went on to explain that he was learning that being a Christian is like being the moon. Like the moon, we do not shine our own light, but reflect the light from the Son.

At another point Todd spoke of how he had been re-evaluating what he learned about Jesus growing up in Sunday school. He spoke of some of the false ideas we have about Jesus (which he sings about in his song "My Jesus") and told about how he had gone back to the Bible to see what Jesus was really like. He spoke of how Jesus said that He is "the door" by which we may be saved, and "the shepherd" who lays down His life for us. Then Todd referred to Jesus calling Himself "the bread of life" and explained that he had always thought of Jesus as the "bread-giver" of life - that Jesus gave us what we needed for life. He was right, in a way, but he came to understand that Jesus is not only the bread-giver, but the bread Himself - that He is what we need for life.

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