Sunday, May 21, 2006

Change Your Mind

For the past 4 or 5 years I've been kicking around the desire to write a book about repentance. A couple of times I've actually started doing some research and legwork for such a pursuit. It looks like some of the ideas I've been chasing down will be appearing in an upcoming book from John Piper. Here are a couple of quotes from him:

"...repentance is an internal change of mind and heart rather than mere sorrow for sin or mere improvement of behavior."

"...repenting is what happens inside of us that leads to the fruits of new behavior. Repentance is not the new deeds, but the inward change that bears the fruit of new deeds."

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Anonymous said...


Don't you hate it when you're going to write a book and then that Piper guy beats you to it?

What is he going to call his new book?

Why repentance?

I like the're a good writer.

Anonymous said...

That anonymous comment was from me, Jeremy, your brother in Christ, not your brother by blood.

jwd said...

The tentative title of Piper's book is What Jesus Demands From the World.