Monday, December 22, 2008

A Forgotten Word?

Tim Ellsworth has some good reflections on saying "No" to our kids:

One of the most difficult things about parenting is knowing where to draw
the line when it comes to buying things for my kids.

On one hand, it
gives me great pleasure to provide good things for them. But yet, I don’t want
to spoil them, and I don’t want them to grow up with any kind of entitlement

While I know there are undoubtedly times when I cross the line, I think
too many parents make “crossing the line” more the rule than the


In short, children need to learn what “no” means. Parents need to teach
them. It won’t kill you. Otherwise, we’ll raise a generation of kids who will
grow up to be insufferable, spoiled adults, and we have too many of those

Read the whole thing.

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