Friday, September 07, 2007

Sports Guy Links

Just a few of the recent links passed on by the Sports Guy:

See if this doesn't pull at your heart strings, even if you're a Yankees fan. The Red Sox were hosting a Disability Awareness day, and this autistic guy sang the national anthem:

Here's a pretty cool site where you can check out football helmets for just about any college/professional team you can think of, including my favorites:

They've also got a lot of historical helmets, like these:

You can see video from near where Barry Bonds' home run #756 landed.

Go to about the 5:45 mark to watch the greatest American Gladiators Eliminator ever. This was evidently in 1992, and I still remember watching this live.

Read about the attendance (around 5000, including 4000 free tickets) at Game 1 of the WNBA Finals.

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