Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kid's Gotta Pay is carrying this story about the University of Kansas charging full admission price to its football games for all people, including babies. This policy has been in effect for three years or more, so I'm not sure why it's just now making news.

Owen & Lisa Faust were surprised at the gate when they took their 3-month-old daughter to the game with them last week, because they only had two tickets. "I just thought it was pretty tacky," Owen said. "It's just a grab for money."

My reaction? #1 - Why take a 3-month-old to a football game? I don't have kids yet, but I don't think I'd take them to any game at least until after they are able to ask if they can go. And even then, I'd have to give it some thought depending on their age. #2 - Shouldn't the University of Kansas - or other similar organizations - be able to dictate their own policy in this regard? It may not be "fair," but I see nothing inherently wrong with it.

A good argument for the policy:
"Everybody needs a ticket regardless of age," [Kansas associate athletic director Jim] Marchiony said. "The very small children come with backpacks and bottles and toys. ... We've received numerous complaints over the years from people who are sitting next to those people -- enough for us to know that even those sized children need the space."
A questionable argument for the policy:
... the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has recommended that organizations require tickets for everyone at large events as a way to keep track of numbers.
I don't think too many infants have threatened our national security, but I guess you never know when some sicko is going to use a baby to do his dirty work.

But this was my favorite part of the article:
... any child under 3 -- would be able to get in free for a Kansas City Chiefs game....

... most professional football teams have the same policy.

Fans under 2 also can get in free to see the Missouri Tigers or Kansas State Wildcats play, and those under 1 don't pay for tickets at Iowa State.

You mean people actually pay for Iowa State football tickets?

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