Monday, September 04, 2006

Go Huskers!

An article at Nebraska's tells this story: "Ryan K. Geiger, a 29-year-old University of Nebraska-Lincoln student, said he was kicked off the Husker Spirit Squad because he is a convicted sex offender."

My first response was to think that if Geiger told me he had been kicked off the squad becuase of his sex-offense conviction, I would have only one word to say. "Okay."

I really can't believe this is much of a story, especially after reading details of his crime:

That felony stems from a July 2004 investigation by the Nebraska State Patrol Internet Crimes Against Children Unit, during which an investigator posed as a 14-year-old girl in a Yahoo! chat room, according to Bruning's office.

Geiger initiated a two-hour Internet conversation interspersed with sexually explicit language ...

Geiger then asked to meet the "girl" at an apartment in La Vista with the intention of having sex. He was arrested upon arrival.

Geiger was convicted on November 8, 2005, and sentenced to jail for one year and one day. Geiger was released early in July on a mandatory discharge.

Geiger says his was a case of entrapment.

"Was I chatting inappropriately?" he said. "Yeah. But that's it."

Yeah, Geiger. You were just chatting inappropriately. And you just went to the apartment to "chat" with a 14 year old? And now you expect the University of Nebraska to have no problem letting you participate on a spirit squad with 17-22 year old girls? All jokes about the "N" on Nebraska's football helmets standing for "knowledge" aside, I'd expect any college or university to respond as Nebraska did. If you want an education, that's one thing. But don't press your luck

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Anonymous said...

The post by Brunning does not give even close to all the circumstances for the case. What would you say if Geiger told you the state patrol officer lied on a particular point which caused his conviction in the first place? I happen to know Geiger and know the whole story including what all happened that night he was arrested. The officers told "most of the story" correctly but they also were coached by the Attorney General as to how they should respond.

Geiger is currently working on many things. One of these is finishing his education. The rest is being done by lawyers so look further later and you will see much more to come.