Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stem Cell Research

I couldn't let an entire year go by without posting something. Joe Carter shares the following:
The issue of research involving stem cells derived from human embryos is back in the news after a federal judge clarified that the government cannot use federal funds for such immoral research. Although the debate has been ongoing for almost ten years, the complexity of the issue and the peculiar terminology used often prevents many citizens from developing a fully informed opinion on the matter. To help, in some small way, redress that problem, I’ve compiled a brief primer, a “least you need to know” guide, that helps clarify and explain the questions most frequently asked about stem cell policy.

He goes on to provide brief answers to these questions and more:
  • What are stem cells?
  • How are stem cells different than other types of cells?
  • Why are stem cells so important to research?
  • What are embryonic stem cells?
  • Where do the embryos for ESC come from?
  • What are adult stem cells?
  • What is a stem cell “line”?
  • Why is there a controversy over ESC research?

Read the full thing here.

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