Monday, January 14, 2008

Basketball Highlights

Thought I'd put up a couple of nice highlights from my two favorite college basketball teams - the Iowa Hawkeyes and the North Carolina Tar Heels. Two teams at nearly opposite ends of the spectrum this season, with UNC undefeated and ranked #1 in the country and Iowa struggling at 8-9 (although they did just hand then #6 Michigan State their second loss of the season).

Anyway, the first highlight is of Justin Johnson trying to bring Iowa back single-handedly against then #12 Indiana (game played January 2):

Johnson scored 19 points in the final 1:56, 16 in the last 1:01, but Indiana held on to win, 79-76. The above clip is titled "Iowa's Justin Johnson Goes Reggie Miller vs. Indiana," but I think the performance was more like Isiah Thomas. In the 1984 playoffs, Isiah scored the Detroit Pistons' final 16 points in 1:34 to tie up their game against the New York Knicks, forcing overtime. The Knicks, led by Bernard King's 44, ended up winning.

The second highlight is from North Carolina's 93-81 win over North Carolina-Asheville:

The behemoth in the middle is Kenny George. The tale of the tape? 7'7" (barefoot, 7'9" with shoes on) and 360 pounds, wearing size 28 shoes. (For reference, Shaquille O'Neal wears size 23.) The young man providing the free facial is North Carolina's 6'9", 250 pound All-American Tyler Hansbrough (a.k.a. "Psycho-T").

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