Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Leather's Back

So the NBA is ditching their new composite basketballs in favor of the old leather ones, starting January 1. What prompted the switch? Good old fashioned whining, of course.

From LeBron James:
"The only thing that we love the most is the basketball. That's your comfort. I mean, without your basketball, it doesn't work. That was my biggest problem, was, why would you change something that means so much to us? It didn't make sense to me at all."
Yeah, LeBron, I can't believe they were making you guys play with composite footballs.

And Ray Allen:
"The bottom line is we're out there playing and the ball is not going in like we know we're capable of putting it in, or like we've done in the past."
Sure, Ray. Ignore the facts - the statistical evidence that shows increased field goal percentage, scoring, and "ball-related" turnovers.

And Jason Kidd and Steve Nash complained that the new ball cut up their hands. Now, I'm not an NBA player, but I have played with about every kind of basketball out there - from rubber to leather and everything in-between - and I've never had a basketball cut up my hands. That's a new one.

So now that the NBA is switching back, you'd think these guys would be happy, right? Nope, not so much. Now they're complaining about the switch being made in mid-season. Seriously, guys - you do realize that regardless of what the ball is made of, you're all playing with the same one, right?

But my favorite part of the story? The trash talk from PETA. Dan Shannon, manager of campaigns for the organization, had this to say in response to players whining about the ball hurting their hands:
"PETA would like to offer a lifetime supply of cruelty-free hand cream to
any NBA siss ... excuse me, superstar who'd be willing to give the composite
ball another shot."


Anonymous said...

Maybe they could make one out of fruitcake. You know, to get in the holiday mood! ~J in the UK

Noah Braymen said...


Anonymous said...

I would be in the NBA if I could have afforded a "real" leather ball growing up. Instead, I resorted to the Pizza Hut promotional balls that came out every now and then. Talk about humble pie!!!! And No, they didn't cut up my hands.

-The sleepy one