Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I Have A Plan

I love politicians. Well, every politician I've ever met. Okay, okay, so I've never really met a politician. But they do entertain me ... and alternately disgust me. Senator Joe Biden asserts that the Bush administration has no plan to win the war in Iraq. (Story here.) Didn't the President learn anything about the Democratic Party during his debates with Senator Kerry? You don't actually have to explain a plan - just keep repeating phrases like "I have a plan" or "My plan is better than your plan" or even better, "My dad served more terms as president than your dad."

I can't wait until a Democrat wins the presidency, and we get to hear the Republican crybabies spew their hate-mongering rhetoric against him (or her?). Seriously, aren't we all about equal opportunity?

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Jeremy said...

People are content when someone has a plan. No one cares if you do or don't get something done, as long as you have a plan. We were all brainwashed by Hannibal in the A-Team into thinking that a plan always comes together. Sometimes it doesn't. You might not always get BA to drink the glass of milk that has sleeping pills so you can get him on the plane to fight drug dealers in Honduras.